Monday, September 1, 2008

1 less thing on wish list.

Im sure 90% of u reading this blog would have sometime or other exclaimed during the quiz week , " Fuck quiz. I'll go to write with zero preparation.For 20 marks and all too much pain these chunde quizzes". After puting marathon of " liars game" yesterday, my state was excatly that. I've said this like a million times but always ended up mugging something, just enough to see me cross the E line. But yesterday was different . I could feel it. Final year mama. And I did it. Put marathon animated fart session courtsey kkt, c3 and dalal in Jam till 2 and crashed like a Taramani toddy addict after that. Bliss.

To be frank, I chose a very convenient 'estimation of construction' course, which any arbit 8th class drop out in this country could have easily managed to pass. So plan to repaeat the same, but this time properly for P slot. Some arbit self study course.Anyways, Adios.