Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hitchhikers Guide To Hitchhiking

Recession has affected a lot of things in my life , but there is one positive aspect of it which I need to appreciate. It has made people more sympathetic to poor lift takers like me. I used to take lifts during my intern time at Hyd and now to go to my office. And man, is there a differance!!

Anyways, Hitchhking a.k.a lift taking.The most obvious reason why you would Hitchhike is due to lack of decent affordable transport, or like in my case , you are just a born prudent cheapo who hates giving the auto guys 30 bucks for the minimum distance. Here are some more reasons why you should give lift a try.
  • Savings: on petrol, pollution and the whole Go Green thing.
  • Contacts: You can start a conversation with them . And you never know. He could be a big shot in that next door posh company in ur Sez into which you've always tried getting into but felt they would not even allow you from their backdoor cafetaria entrance. And he gave you a lift implies he is in a benevolent mood. Take its the refferal I say.
  • Timepass:Quite a few lift givers are expansive talkers, boring at that. But still, the poor guy is giving you a lift dude. Acknowledging them by atleast nodding your head is minimum courtsey.
  • More timepass:You can meet a good open minded person of the opposite sex, making for atleast an addition in that fast shrinking single girls/boys list of yours. How you take it from here and form further scope entirely depends on you.( Ok, even this almost never happens)
Here are a few things i found helped me get faster and easier lifts.
  • Dress properly. A sincere attires helps.
  • Show of your office tag. This is the only time outside office that I show my office tag, so that the person knows I am new age Indias corporate slave dog .I mean, a harmless liftable person.
  • Try taking lift at junctions or road bends or speed breakers or wherever vehicles go slower than pedestrians. People almost never stop for you if they are already going at high speeds.
  • Taking lift near temples. About 50% of the people somehow slow down when they pass a temple, giving a silent prayer hoping the client will be more reasonable this time around atleast. Although that never happens, it presents an oppurtunity for us lift pouncers to lift that much tired left hand with thumbsup for the lift call. They will most certainly give a lift, assuming they are doing a good samiritan deed. Nice dumbos they r.
  • Avoid cars. they almost never give lift. And even if they do , it will b some call centers cab returning from work and hoping to make a quick buck out of you. Bikers are soo much better.
Ah, felt nice blogging after long:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Before getting into the whole cliched and senti 'experiences' post , lets just take a break here. yesterday, I wrote about how I am a alak a3 guy first... ad finally and IITian. This branding got me thinking, as to what exactly is my identity.

Then it struck me. I( and i'm guessing most) view themselves as a part of subset and then the bigger set and so on. For eg,. I view myself as a Telangana guy, then a person from AP, then from South India and finally an Indian, necessarily in this order. But this alone will hardly complete my identity.

So what exactly makes up for identity? Googling a lil , i found this satisfactory asnwer for identity. Identity is 'what' or 'whom' you identify with. Wiki says "in lay mans terms, what ever makes a quanity same or different". Any1 sensing a problem with the definition? Infact there are some random meta physical and logics of indetity at wiki.

Yes, Yes.. I am writing all this because my project report is done, and have nothing better to do and so felt writing random blogs kills good time. Although I did seriously think about Identity, and I still am. So, care to leave your identity below and give new insights into your identity? I'll be glad.

Ok, end of break

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

End of days

Well, it's over. Or almost so. If I do a decent viva voce (is likely), and the good Rajendran doesn't pain with no dues ( heavily heavily unlikely) , I should be through with insti in at most a week. 've been itching to write about take aways, you know, final words. But there are too many aspects in insti life to cover.
I see myself as an Alak A3 guy first, a civil 05 batch guy , a finance core , a gult and an IIT Madras man , mostly in this order. Had quite a few interesting experiences being all these, independently and together. Will narrate each. Check out this blog for the Alak A3 guy first. Its about 12 now, Lan cut, so will update tomorrow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


There was no wind .

It was a chilly day. Not a bristle moved on any of the trees that lined the road. Trees which became conspicuous only on ardent observation. It was not like there was no activity on the road. In fact, there was an abundance of it. In the morning, it was a whore to the countless people using it for their morning walks , their morning squats and their morning solitudes. Only the shabbily laid footpath knows the number of love birds it played host to , the number of make ups and break ups it facilitated. Hawkers slowly creep along its length as the Sun grows stronger. It becomes busy , or so it would want us to think, as the asphalt becomes hotter and shade becomes meagre. But the actual business , like on most roads like these , starts only when the brighness wanes. Hawkers one by one give way to hookers. Ordinary shops become opium dens. The trade that goes on can be done only by the night. The world sleeps at this time, or chooses to look away, conveniently blaming the darkness for this so called filth. The road does not understand the reason, nor does it ask for one.

Amidst all this activity, no one notices the trees. Their only shot at perceptible recognition is when the wind blows and a leaf quivers , and nature willing, falls on the road.

But still,
There was no fking wind that day.