Monday, September 1, 2008

1 less thing on wish list.

Im sure 90% of u reading this blog would have sometime or other exclaimed during the quiz week , " Fuck quiz. I'll go to write with zero preparation.For 20 marks and all too much pain these chunde quizzes". After puting marathon of " liars game" yesterday, my state was excatly that. I've said this like a million times but always ended up mugging something, just enough to see me cross the E line. But yesterday was different . I could feel it. Final year mama. And I did it. Put marathon animated fart session courtsey kkt, c3 and dalal in Jam till 2 and crashed like a Taramani toddy addict after that. Bliss.

To be frank, I chose a very convenient 'estimation of construction' course, which any arbit 8th class drop out in this country could have easily managed to pass. So plan to repaeat the same, but this time properly for P slot. Some arbit self study course.Anyways, Adios.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Brief History of Name

For the Uninitiated Reader : TNR= Totally Not Required .

Ps: Contains 100% pure and senseless fart.

Although most of you have discounted my naming of the blog " It dont matter no more" as another of my whimsism , it does actually carry a significance. I wanted to write things which as the name suggests dont matter anymore. And i solely (obviously) would be the judge of what doesn't matter. "TNR Thoughts" would have been a better title for what I had in mind, but that would be torturing the cliche. 'T Thoughts' would have been even better , but that would only appeal to an iitm specific blogger audience and i wanted to have a general appeal. Hence, keeping in line with my rap influenced ethos , I chose It dont Matter no More. It most definitely is not meant to be a rape-whomever-u get-pained -with type blog , although it may contain elements of it. Its just supposed to be vetti tirades at things that are trivial .

I was also grappling with some more alternate names. " I knew Pam " was an option. I liked " A new Pam" too. A frnd of mine once said," Macha, if u just keep thinking about names, nicest of tries u r ever gonna start the blog. Start the fart and then put name". He had a point . And it dont matter... was always something i wanted to say to any1 hu would care not to listen . There goes the history. Anyways, im sure many would agree when i say 'enough said':D. Im sure many would also be tempted to write 'TNR' in the comments section. I would ;)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Peter Principle

I was randomly wiki'ing the other day and found this lol called 'Peter Principle'. If u r a Tam and dont even grin, go die.

The Principle as such is brilliant though. It states,"In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence." Looks a lil deceiving , but it basically says that if u dont work, u can kiss growth in that field good bye.

But i liked the way he phrased it. It looks at things in a different, optimistic perspective. He made it sound as if incompetence was a virtue. My appreciation .
btw, more fundaes can be ob found at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Writing and Advertising

Yes , folks. I have at last dis joined myself from that ever shrinking group of people who can read , write but don't blog. Hurray to me and Hi to the Bloggin Globe.

The point of this first true post is to ask these pertinent questions . I always keep typing fart from my keyboard, but in the unlikely event of my writing being something actually creative( ala that million monkeys on a typewriter producing Shakesphere ) , i would like the world in general to know about it. I know , that's exactly why im blogging, But how exactly will the world know that? What r the effective/creative ways of advertising this blog. Er., im obviously looking for answers beyond gtalk status msgs and orkut/facebook profile pastes. Experienced bloggers and even not so successful but passionate bloggers, please enlighten me. Of course , even others who r stunned at the fact that even i started blogging can comment once u r out of that shock.

And btw, the comments section allows anon posting . Like they say in good old gult.., "kummei mama comments section ni .."
Traslation: Dude, Tusk my comments section :)

My first piece.

As is the norm, im starting my blog with a poem/rap/song i wrote while shitting in my bog. Although i wrote it in a shady setting, i still think its decent piece and deserves at least one dekh :). Go on. Its not that long.

I never really could convive. All i wanted was to survive
I was always in a hood. Was i ever really good
Was i ever doing it right. I searched but with no sight.
Its so easy to feel, the agony reel
So hard to get back and reinvent the wheel
I wanted to do it again. was ready for bargain
I haggled hard.Wanted to get back to the start
And feel free again
But the price i paid was beyond my baseI could see my life, all flashing by.
I knew then what they meant by die
Cuz i took the bend. i paid a price
And that was death, my friend
I always could convive, but i never really did survive

For ppl hu havent yet started studying for GRE, heres a useful link.