Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Brief History of Name

For the Uninitiated Reader : TNR= Totally Not Required .

Ps: Contains 100% pure and senseless fart.

Although most of you have discounted my naming of the blog " It dont matter no more" as another of my whimsism , it does actually carry a significance. I wanted to write things which as the name suggests dont matter anymore. And i solely (obviously) would be the judge of what doesn't matter. "TNR Thoughts" would have been a better title for what I had in mind, but that would be torturing the cliche. 'T Thoughts' would have been even better , but that would only appeal to an iitm specific blogger audience and i wanted to have a general appeal. Hence, keeping in line with my rap influenced ethos , I chose It dont Matter no More. It most definitely is not meant to be a rape-whomever-u get-pained -with type blog , although it may contain elements of it. Its just supposed to be vetti tirades at things that are trivial .

I was also grappling with some more alternate names. " I knew Pam " was an option. I liked " A new Pam" too. A frnd of mine once said," Macha, if u just keep thinking about names, nicest of tries u r ever gonna start the blog. Start the fart and then put name". He had a point . And it dont matter... was always something i wanted to say to any1 hu would care not to listen . There goes the history. Anyways, im sure many would agree when i say 'enough said':D. Im sure many would also be tempted to write 'TNR' in the comments section. I would ;)