Saturday, July 30, 2011

Neutral Gear

He was in love with his new cool bike. This bike, he thought had everything. Amazing power, great torque, unparalleled stability, 6 gears , spot on disc breaks and so on. Above all, it had the looks to even make a lean guy like him look good.The only problem he felt was with the neutral gear.He used to achieve awesome speeds on the bike. He felt as if the other vehicles on the road were stationary when on it. Lightning was the nickname he gave it.

Inspite of all its awesomeness, he always thought about the neutral gear. True, the gears changed ever so smoothly on his lightest touch., but getting on neutral gear was always tricky. It was somewhere between the 1rst and 2nd gear and always needed that perfect touch to get it into neutral. At signals and intersections, he used the clutch and first gear instead. But damn, he so badly wanted to master the neutral. So badly wanted to see the green neutral light on the bike display glow.

And then one day he was again on his godly ride. Whizzing past vehicles without care. But as is usual with the Indian traffic, there came a bunch of buffaloes on the road. He stopped, for he was experienced enough to know the whims and fancies of the animals made them unpredictable.One of the buffaloes, a young one, caught his eye, and even it just kept staring at him. There was something about those eyes which caught his attention and even he stood transfixed momentarily. Beyond them was a speeding truck, demanding the animals to move by showing of its sheer size. The solitary buffalo , quick in its senses moved aside. Coming back to the moment, he observes the speeding truck coming out of nowhere. He knows he has to move , but somehow the bike doesn't budge. A second before the inevitable end, his eye catches the bike display. The green light is on. He finally figures out the neutral gear.