Friday, May 23, 2008

Peter Principle

I was randomly wiki'ing the other day and found this lol called 'Peter Principle'. If u r a Tam and dont even grin, go die.

The Principle as such is brilliant though. It states,"In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence." Looks a lil deceiving , but it basically says that if u dont work, u can kiss growth in that field good bye.

But i liked the way he phrased it. It looks at things in a different, optimistic perspective. He made it sound as if incompetence was a virtue. My appreciation .
btw, more fundaes can be ob found at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Writing and Advertising

Yes , folks. I have at last dis joined myself from that ever shrinking group of people who can read , write but don't blog. Hurray to me and Hi to the Bloggin Globe.

The point of this first true post is to ask these pertinent questions . I always keep typing fart from my keyboard, but in the unlikely event of my writing being something actually creative( ala that million monkeys on a typewriter producing Shakesphere ) , i would like the world in general to know about it. I know , that's exactly why im blogging, But how exactly will the world know that? What r the effective/creative ways of advertising this blog. Er., im obviously looking for answers beyond gtalk status msgs and orkut/facebook profile pastes. Experienced bloggers and even not so successful but passionate bloggers, please enlighten me. Of course , even others who r stunned at the fact that even i started blogging can comment once u r out of that shock.

And btw, the comments section allows anon posting . Like they say in good old gult.., "kummei mama comments section ni .."
Traslation: Dude, Tusk my comments section :)

My first piece.

As is the norm, im starting my blog with a poem/rap/song i wrote while shitting in my bog. Although i wrote it in a shady setting, i still think its decent piece and deserves at least one dekh :). Go on. Its not that long.

I never really could convive. All i wanted was to survive
I was always in a hood. Was i ever really good
Was i ever doing it right. I searched but with no sight.
Its so easy to feel, the agony reel
So hard to get back and reinvent the wheel
I wanted to do it again. was ready for bargain
I haggled hard.Wanted to get back to the start
And feel free again
But the price i paid was beyond my baseI could see my life, all flashing by.
I knew then what they meant by die
Cuz i took the bend. i paid a price
And that was death, my friend
I always could convive, but i never really did survive

For ppl hu havent yet started studying for GRE, heres a useful link.