Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Writing and Advertising

Yes , folks. I have at last dis joined myself from that ever shrinking group of people who can read , write but don't blog. Hurray to me and Hi to the Bloggin Globe.

The point of this first true post is to ask these pertinent questions . I always keep typing fart from my keyboard, but in the unlikely event of my writing being something actually creative( ala that million monkeys on a typewriter producing Shakesphere ) , i would like the world in general to know about it. I know , that's exactly why im blogging, But how exactly will the world know that? What r the effective/creative ways of advertising this blog. Er., im obviously looking for answers beyond gtalk status msgs and orkut/facebook profile pastes. Experienced bloggers and even not so successful but passionate bloggers, please enlighten me. Of course , even others who r stunned at the fact that even i started blogging can comment once u r out of that shock.

And btw, the comments section allows anon posting . Like they say in good old gult.., "kummei mama comments section ni .."
Traslation: Dude, Tusk my comments section :)


Naren said...

Machan, bhelcome, bhelcome!! :D

Well, one way of advertising your blog is to ask your friends who blog to keep you on their page as someone who they read and someone who they think the visitor should visit! (on links)

i have never done that, people naturally add me on the list! :P :P .. anyway, dont worry about advertising as yet, scratch away!! (or rather, type away! )

Mudrakarta Pramod Kaushik said...

As a serious comment, check out my blog. I made a single but true post.

On the aside: your very first very pseud first post!

Anupam Chakilam said...

yes. add me . add me. i promise to do full justice to that honour, at least, till my blog enthu run continues :). And ya, tell me how to add urs. Me total novice here at all this.

checked. stud article. commented.
Btw, mama, if u comment saying sude first blog and all juntha will think i paid u. Don't let closed secrets become open :).

Swathi Vadrevu said...

put the blog link as your signature in yahoo and gmail.

Anupam Chakilam said...

heh, guess that will b going for overkill. But what the heck, will try that out. Will wait for some really good piece to come out though before that.

Naren said...

Ah, swathi has given it away! I do that!! :D