Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My first piece.

As is the norm, im starting my blog with a poem/rap/song i wrote while shitting in my bog. Although i wrote it in a shady setting, i still think its decent piece and deserves at least one dekh :). Go on. Its not that long.

I never really could convive. All i wanted was to survive
I was always in a hood. Was i ever really good
Was i ever doing it right. I searched but with no sight.
Its so easy to feel, the agony reel
So hard to get back and reinvent the wheel
I wanted to do it again. was ready for bargain
I haggled hard.Wanted to get back to the start
And feel free again
But the price i paid was beyond my baseI could see my life, all flashing by.
I knew then what they meant by die
Cuz i took the bend. i paid a price
And that was death, my friend
I always could convive, but i never really did survive

For ppl hu havent yet started studying for GRE, heres a useful link.


Nik said...

Ah yes! hanipam the rapper...

Nice first rap budd!.. didn't know you even rap when your crapping...


Babai ;)

NeEt said...

heyy dat was good :)

Anupam Chakilam said...

Tank u. tank u. Two was exactly the number of comments i needed to post newer poems/raps. Sorry world. Blame these two .
But seriously , thanks u guys :)

Swathi Vadrevu said...

rap it is :)

NeEt said...
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NeEt said...

can u tell me wht exactly u meant in this piece of urs?.did u write it for d sake of it or does it come by experience?if u ask me,it looked like u attempted something which finally went wrong.what do u actually mean when u say hood and when u refer to death at the end of it all?is there any connection?
maybe i am sounding a little stupid or rather philosophical i should say but then can i have my answers? :P

Anupam Chakilam said...

well, finally some1 asks me what i meant there. U r prolly the only person i am sure of reading the rap, Thanks for instilling that confidence :). I haven't quite thought about the poem myself, but now that u ask for it, let me attempt analyzing.

Well, since im quite alive and kicking, subjects related to death
cant exactly be experienced. And u r right as to the haziness of the poem. It was two pieces merged into one and hence the vagueness of it all.

The hood part refers to me not being me. I had some self doubts and all. I was thinking about how it would be had i lived my life again. I wanted to undo somethings and live life a lil more excitingly the next time. But well, u cant so peacefully turn back time . To go back, and lead life all over again, death is the necessary intermediate.

Anyways, ill leave somethings to ur imagination and interpretations. I know i was not entirely clear even while explaining, but what the heck, such is the topic. Hope i made a good first attempt . :)

Anupam Chakilam said...

and @neet.
asking q's is not stupid. Having the courage to ask in itself is awesome.
And no..i dint feel ur q was stupid :)

NeEt said...

thanks 4 ur answer.i seem to have understood a bit :) :p but good attempt.and yea its a very fragile topic if i got it right ...gr8 work anyways.keeping goin..waitin to hear more from ya :)

Teja said...

hey..v hav our very own eminem..:D

iamhere said...

put its the urdu msg u sent to sophie...its n times better....