Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Brief History of Name

For the Uninitiated Reader : TNR= Totally Not Required .

Ps: Contains 100% pure and senseless fart.

Although most of you have discounted my naming of the blog " It dont matter no more" as another of my whimsism , it does actually carry a significance. I wanted to write things which as the name suggests dont matter anymore. And i solely (obviously) would be the judge of what doesn't matter. "TNR Thoughts" would have been a better title for what I had in mind, but that would be torturing the cliche. 'T Thoughts' would have been even better , but that would only appeal to an iitm specific blogger audience and i wanted to have a general appeal. Hence, keeping in line with my rap influenced ethos , I chose It dont Matter no More. It most definitely is not meant to be a rape-whomever-u get-pained -with type blog , although it may contain elements of it. Its just supposed to be vetti tirades at things that are trivial .

I was also grappling with some more alternate names. " I knew Pam " was an option. I liked " A new Pam" too. A frnd of mine once said," Macha, if u just keep thinking about names, nicest of tries u r ever gonna start the blog. Start the fart and then put name". He had a point . And it dont matter... was always something i wanted to say to any1 hu would care not to listen . There goes the history. Anyways, im sure many would agree when i say 'enough said':D. Im sure many would also be tempted to write 'TNR' in the comments section. I would ;)


shrek said...

it dont matter no more ;)

anshul_gupta5 said...

TNR bugger..all ur fart is completely TNR!!

kartik said...

t wonly

Anupam Chakilam said...

hmm.. tell me something new:P

iamhere said...

PAM.....Im not able to read the first paragraph of this post....even though Im fully vetti in an office with hardly anyone......with my manager busy I dont have anythin to do.....and there is an hour before the bus arrives......Is this because
1.My attention span is too less
2.This blog was written to imprve ur GRE fundaes..
3.This blog is shit
4.Someothe reason

Junta choose the option

Swathi said...

2 :P

neetha said...

good work on there chap!keep goin :)

Hriday said...

How about "What, bam, thank you Pam!!"