Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Before getting into the whole cliched and senti 'experiences' post , lets just take a break here. yesterday, I wrote about how I am a alak a3 guy first... ad finally and IITian. This branding got me thinking, as to what exactly is my identity.

Then it struck me. I( and i'm guessing most) view themselves as a part of subset and then the bigger set and so on. For eg,. I view myself as a Telangana guy, then a person from AP, then from South India and finally an Indian, necessarily in this order. But this alone will hardly complete my identity.

So what exactly makes up for identity? Googling a lil , i found this satisfactory asnwer for identity. Identity is 'what' or 'whom' you identify with. Wiki says "in lay mans terms, what ever makes a quanity same or different". Any1 sensing a problem with the definition? Infact there are some random meta physical and logics of indetity at wiki.

Yes, Yes.. I am writing all this because my project report is done, and have nothing better to do and so felt writing random blogs kills good time. Although I did seriously think about Identity, and I still am. So, care to leave your identity below and give new insights into your identity? I'll be glad.

Ok, end of break


Raj the Chu boy! said...

Yeah! I'm a Stud Loler .. thats my identity!!

NeEt said...

still findin answers!! :P