Monday, May 30, 2011

Song of a regretful heart

If you are reading this, I urge you to read without stop or start

For this is the song of a regretful heart

First of all, to write this verse, I do not have the right

For trying to redeem, I should not even be in your sight.

Even if I sing this sad tune and shout my voice hoarse,

I don’t think It will convey the tiniest bit of my remorse.

On that fateful night, on the way there were warning bells,

My mind stopped processing, mistaking mere banter for all wrong signals.

With a remorseful sigh,I took an ugly bend,

And forever I feel lost a fabulous friend

Hopefully one day, after we put between us enough miles,

On your face there won’t be any anger or hurt, but bucketful of smiles

I know you will become big and conquer the mighty and the rest,

I’ve known you since long and wish you all the best

If u still feel bad, banish me and hate me, for what I did was totally wrong

It’s a sad but the right way to end this regretful heart song.

-- Anupam Chakilam


Raj the Chu boy! said...

What happened to you now?? Seriously?
A silent post .. just for you and yourself! An outlet to siphon out thoughts.
Maybe, I understand this a little bit!

Anupam Chakilam said...

Haha.. i'm infinitely surprised to find ur comment here. Din't expect people to check my ever. Sli flattered i am.

And i'm fine. Gen some random thoughts they were tats all.

Raj the Chu boy! said...

I am a follower of all our wing blogging junta!
And I am still an active blogger .. although sometimes I just read and re-read and not always post!

I'm pretty sure they aren't random !
My blog being rajrandomness and all .. what I write is never random, although people think it is.

Anupam Chakilam said... isnt'?:o

and does any1 in our wing still have an active blog?

Raj the Chu boy! said...

Well, why did you write this stuff when you knew no one would probably bother reading it? Or were you hopelessly hoping that someone would stumble upon it ?
My blog are still active you know!

Anupam Chakilam said... man.. i wasn't hopelessly hoping. Since the poem is harmless, i put it up. That is all. There are things u want to publicize, things u want to keep a secret and then things u want to keep somewhere in between. This is one of those.

Sri said...

neeku intha talent vundhanukoledhu ra :P (enjoy the u might not get many of those from me :P)

Nik said...

Dude! That's some intense $#!< ... Loved it by the way! :) You should write more frequently!

- Nik

Anupam Chakilam said...

haha.. how did u guys find this?? Updates emanna vachaya mee feeds lo? adi kuda may lo eppudo raasthe july lo vachindha alert?:P Anyways
@sri: ala cheppi cheppi chalane ichav le complis.Thanks btw.
@niks: Yep, will write babai. need something to inspire me though.